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Winter Site Deliveries

Outback Sleepers Australia - Sunday, June 02, 2019

It's that time of year when the wet weather can unfortunately make sites inaccessible for deliveries.

Our delivery drivers will do everything they possibly can to get your order on site and as close to your desired spot as possible within health and safety regulations.

Please ensure that your site has clear and accessible (rubbled) delivery access so that our drivers can get on site without potentially getting bogged or taking excessive mud back onto the road.

Please be aware that if orders are scheduled for delivery but the products can not be dropped off in an agreeable location (between delivery driver and customer) then your order may have to be returned to OSA and re-delivery fees will apply.

Please contact the Sales Office on 08 8387 9227 or via sales@outbacksleepers.com.au for more info on deliveries.