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Under Fence Plinth's - Now Engineered

Outback Sleepers Australia - Sunday, June 02, 2019

We now have the only concrete Under Fence Plinths (UFP's) on the market that are engineered and certified*

Now manufactured with 60 MPa concrete our UFP's can be used to a maximum of 400mm high (heavy compaction exclusions apply - no heavy compaction within 75% of the UFP's).

Please note that UFP's are engineered to retain typical soil conditions up to a maximum of 400mm high and should not be used as a substitute for concrete sleepers.

UFP's are designed to plug the gap underneath fences, provide extra privacy and to prolong the life of the fence by preventing the fence panel from sitting in the dirt and succumbing to rust.


*Engineering void if used within 1km of the sea.


Please contact our Sales Office on 08 8387 9227 or via sales@outbacksleepers.com.au for more info.