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New Sleeper Thickness

Outback Sleepers Australia - Sunday, June 02, 2019

In line with our new product Engineering we have made the decision to increase the thickness for some of our sleepers

This increase in thickness has been made to provide extra value within our products by enabling our customers to build higher retaining walls using our STD and HD sleepers.


Please see details below re these changes;


2m Sleepers

- STD          2000 x 200 x 80mm          2 x N10 Reo        Build up to 2m high (typical)

- HD            2000 x 200 x 100mm        2 x N10 Reo        Build up to 3m high (typical)

- EHD          2000 x 200 x 120mm        2 x N10 Reo        Build up to 4m high (typical)

- Crib           2000 x 100 x 100mm        1 x N10 Reo


2.4m Sleepers

- HD            2400 x 200 x 100mm         2 x N10 Reo       Build up to 2.4m high (typical)

- EHD          2400 x 200 x 130mm         2 x N10 Reo       Build up to 4m high (typical)

- Crib           2400 x 100 x 100mm         1 x N10 Reo   

Please note that there has been no changes in our pricing – only the sleeper thicknesses have changed.

This change is effective immediately and we will be discontinuing the 2m @ 75mm / 90mm sleepers and the 2.4m @ 110mm sleepers (*once current stocks have been exhausted).


Please note that pack sizes have changed for the Lonsdale and Blackwood 2m STD and HD and they are now in packs of 8 units – all other pack sizes remains unchanged.


The weights of our sleepers have obviously changed so please contact the Sales Office for an updated weights list should you require this info.


We trust that our customers will see the value in this change as it provides the ability to build higher using our STD and HD sleepers whilst providing a cost saving benefit.


Please contact the Sales Office on 08 8387 9227 or via sales@outbacksleepers.com.au if you have any queries.