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Exceptional Concrete Strength

Outback Sleepers Australia - Tuesday, January 17, 2017

For all the concrete boffins out there and people who love some stats….


We all know that the strength of concrete is imperative to a good quality building product that will stand the test of time. This is ever so important in concrete retaining wall sleepers as we all want our retaining walls to last 50 years - not 5 years like you get with some timber retaining walls!


At Outback Sleepers Australia we have our concrete independently tested every week and we recently had some extremely positive feedback about the strength of our concrete. Below is what the testing company said;


With regards to flexural strength there is a rule of thumb that your flexural strength is typically around about 7.5 – 12.5% of your 28 day compressive strength. This is generally for normal class concrete of 20-40Mpa range.

So therefore you could expect a 40Mpa concrete to have roughly a 4Mpa flexural strength – but this is just a rule of thumb, there are a lot of factors that go into the development of flexural strength in a concrete.

Your flexural result of 5.5Mpa is on the higher end and is a high flexural strength result regardless of the design strength. There are projects for airstrips and loading areas which require this high flexural result at 28 days.


In a nutshell, the concrete we produce for our sleepers is equivalent in strength to the concrete used when they build airstrips and loading bay areas!


Excessive? Maybe, but at least you know that you are getting the strongest available concrete sleepers for your retaining walls safe in the knowledge that the sleepers will be durable and last many years thus saving $$$ over the years.


The recent re-engineering of our sleepers along with all our products being manufactured with 40Mpa concrete have gone a long way to achieving these extremely high strength results.


Please contact our Sales Office on 08 8387 9227 or sales@outbacksleepers.com.au for more info.