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60 MPa Concrete

Outback Sleepers Australia - Monday, June 03, 2019

All our products are now manufactured with 60 MPa concrete;


- The concrete in our Sleepers is now 50% stronger than previously (40 MPa).

- The concrete in our Under Fence Plinth's (UFP's) is now 20% stronger than previously (50 MPa).


By manufacturing all our products with 60 MPa concrete this means that you are buying the strongest concrete sleepers that are currently available on the market.


No other concrete sleeper manufacturers are manufacturing their concrete sleepers to the same strength that OSA are. We have our concrete independently and randomly tested twice per week to ensure that we are achieving our exceptionally high concrete strengths.


Please contact the Sales Office on 08 8387 9227 or via sales@outbacksleepers.com.au should you require further info.