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Quality Retaining Walls Sydney

If you are looking for a supplier for retaining walls Sydney, contact only Outback Sleepers Australia. We are your most trusted partners in materials such as sleepers, brackets, and steel posts. First established through a small-scale backyard production of concrete sleepers, we have been servicing the landscape industry in South Australia for more than 15 years. Now serving a wider reach in South Australia and Victoria, we also looking forward to distributing retaining walls Sydney. We cater to individual clients as well as to the trade. You can send an enquiry at or you can call us at 08 8387 9227 and we will be more than willing to give you friendly and expert advice on your landscaping projects. You can also send us an email at or visit our Facebook page “Outback Sleepers Australia” and browse through our past and active retaining walls projects.


Retaining Walls Sydney


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Over the years, Outback Sleepers Australia has expanded its service to the greater Adelaide Metropolitan, regions in South Australia and as well as in Melbourne. To further extend our reach, we plan on serving retaining walls Sydney soon. Another way we have extended our service reach is to partner with various trusted distributors across the region so it would be convenient to our clients. Want to know which distributor is nearest you? Use our online search tool at If you need help in the assembly and installation of your retaining walls Sydney, you may also call us and we can recommend a skilled team of professional who can help you install or refer you to any necessary engineering. We can provide recommendations for both residential and commercial installers who can perform quality service and can complete the tasks with high working standards. We are your local one stop shop for any retaining walls Sydney project.


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Retaining walls Sydney are very critical parts of your construction or landscaping project as it is subjected to various elements such as water and erosion. It is therefore important that you trust only the supplier that can provide you with retaining walls Sydney materials that can withstand extreme weather and elements. On top of that, make sure that the materials you use are compliant to Australian Standards on Concrete Structures (AS 3600). Outback Sleepers Australia has everything you need for your retaining wall. We are your one stop shop in Adelaide, Melbourne, and soon in Sydney as well. We are a team of highly experienced professionals who offer friendly service to everyone needing a hand on their landscaping work. Taking pride in our humble beginnings through a small backyard operation, our current team has worked hard in bringing you the best quality and most efficient concrete sleepers and reinforcements that you can find in the Australian market today.


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Build your dream landscape today by availing of top quality concrete sleepers and retaining walls Sydney. Call us at 08 8387 9227 and ask about our products, distributors, and recommended installers.


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