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Outback Sleepers provides world class retaining wall price Adelaide through state of the art equipment. We started as a small concrete sleepers production company under the management skills of Michael Ineson, a highly reputable retaining wall contractor. What used to be a dream became a reality by the year 2000 when we established the most prominent sleepers concrete corporation, Outback Sleepers Australia. Our products have evolved from simple precast concrete retaining walls into a variety of patterned concrete merchandise with precast concrete steps to precast concrete wall panels. The grade and quality have attracted clients from all over Australia which have given excellent feedback on our website http://www.outbacksleepers.com.au/. Look at our website to find out more information regarding retaining wall price Adelaide.



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Our services are known to be one of the best in Australia in terms of providing our customers with retaining wall price Adelaide. We have set high standards concerning the manufacture of our products and we assure our clients that the items delivered straight to their location are free from any form of defects or damages. Our team of well-trained staff knowledgeable of the retaining wall price Adelaide. Outback Sleepers has a quick process whereby a skilled team of professionals can install your retaining wall and help with engineering if needed. Clients are assured that whether the attachment is for residential or commercial landscapes, our talented installers will provide a quality service working accurately and efficiently in completing tasks. Furthermore, your garden can be transformed with our perfect designs of retaining walls and we will provide you with the perfect solution through easy delivery, recommending legitimate installers and competitive prices for retaining wall price Adelaide.



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Our detailed services and products provide high quality performance, quality reproduction and manufacture of Retaining Wall Price Adelaide.Positive testimonials have been pouring in as we continue to offer our best in selling authentic products in accordance to the required standards of the Revised Australian Standard AS3600- Concrete Structures (2009). Our newly developed mobile application gives immediate response to our clients when they request for their orders. Our customers could save time by just researching through their mobiles or tablets rather than going to our shop, provides detailed Order Records for the clients’ orders and our shop is open 24/7 for your orders and inquiries. Our customers may also check their Order History to have access over their previous product orders. Our shop assures optimum service as we cater to our clients.


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Call the number 08 8387 9227 and check out our website for more inquiries http://www.outbacksleepers.com.au/ . We also have a wide range of supporting building materials available for purchase such as under fence plinths and steel support posts.


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