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Learn About Retaining Wall Cost Adelaide

Our Company, Outback Sleepers Australia was founded and established in the year 2000, located at Adelaide Australia. Our operations later on expanded to the outskirts of Melbourne Australia. By reason of our quality reproduction and manufacture of retaining wall cost Adelaide, more clients and buyers have been requesting our services and products. Positive testimonials, reviews and feedback of our outstanding services are posted at the website

Michael Ineson who is the managing director and founder of Outback Sleepers. Michael and our team are skilled in the production and manufacture of concrete sleepers and concrete wall panels. Outback Sleepers has over 20 staff and crew that facilitates customer needs and requests. For more information, call 08 8387 9227 to learn more about retaining wall cost Adelaide and concrete sleepers.



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Simple Steps To Get A Retaining Wall Cost Adelaide

Our service process is as simple as sending an email of your order or calling us and requesting for a quotation. One of our available manufactured products are retaining wall cost Adelaide. We give assurance to our clients that we are accurate and concise providing great products and services with your orders packed and ready for collection. We do deliveries, using a Semi Trailer and unloading with the use of an All-Terrain Forklift. We deliver to the greater metropolitan Adelaide area, as well as regional South Australia. Our office numbers are 08 8387 9227 for further details. Our retaining wall cost Adelaide are authentic and meets the Revised Australian Standard AS3600- Concrete Structures (2009). For a faster transaction, you could go to our store location at 17 Lindsay Road Lonsdale SA or go to our website to to find out more information on how we can help you.

Outback Sleepers Australia’s Services and Products of Retaining Wall Cost Adelaide 

Our products not only meet the required standards of the Revised Australian Standard AS3600- Concrete Structures (2009) but we have developed a technological application to make it easier and quicker for our clients to place their orders. Our excellent manufactured items of retaining wall cost Adelaide have been top of the class in terms of its condition. These are the benefits for using our application in ordering. It saves time, gives peace of mind as we email you an Order Confirmation and a Tax Invoice, Accurate Order Records whereby you may control your own order and can add instructions for the delivery. You may check your Order History and even access your previous orders and Tax Invoices. In case of issues with the client’s orders, our highly skilled staff will contact you.

Retaining Wall Cost Adelaide

Conclusively, we listen to feedbacks and assure our clients that we will keep on improving our products and services to benefit our customers and give them satisfaction.

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