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Retaining Wall Construction for Wall Design and Installation


Retaining walls are the perfect options to separate your space in yards or anywhere else. Looking for the designs and installation ideas for retaining wall construction in your yard? Let’s have a look. Outback Sleepers Australia business is considered as the most experienced business working with concrete sleepers and concrete wall panels since 2000.

The business was founded by Michael Ineson in January 2000 in Adelaide. Before establishing Outback Sleepers Australia, he was a retaining wall contractor and worked closely with precast concrete retaining walls and other precast concrete products. The inspiration to manufacture coloured and patterned concrete sleepers came from his earlier work experience. And, in the present times, this unique theme is the heart of the company. We are specialised in retaining wall construction and offer services for all projects. We are famous in the industry for our dependable service at affordable prices with perfect results.



Retaining Wall Construction


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Retaining Wall Construction: Easy and Quick Installation


Retaining walls are a fundamental element in residential and commercial construction projects. This wall can turn a generic landscape into an elegant courtyard. A structural retaining wall can add appeal and strength to any your exteriors. We provide designing and building services for new and replacement retaining walls, can construct block, crib, timber pole, and gabion walls.

We are known for our customer satisfaction along with fast distribution and delivery throughout South Australia and Victoria. We achieve this by providing simple and practical solutions. We have a special team for your retaining wall construction. Our experience and knowledge allow us to build intricate designs. We work with you to determine what patterns, layout, and materials you want to have and what suit your needs. We strive to construct the beautiful and durable walls for you. We use a wide variety of materials in our project construction including rock, stone, concrete, brick, and other.



Why ‘Outback Sleepers’ for Retaining Wall Construction


If you want the best retaining wall construction in your space, nothing can be better than Outback Sleepers. We produce only retaining wall sleepers and concrete UFPs (Under Fence Plinths). We ensure you to offer the best results ever. We have a range of coloured and patterned concrete Retaining Wall Sleepers with something to suit every home and style. We pride ourselves for the high-quality concrete retaining wall construction and knowledge of retaining wall service and products which we offer to our valued clients.  

The best part of choosing us is our loyalty and customer support service. For advice on landscaping costs or backyard landscaping ideas,contact Outback Sleeperstoday. Our supporting team members provide friendly and helpful advice. You can reach us at 08 8387 9227oremail us at Whatever your need and any information regarding retaining wall construction we look forward to hearing from you.



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