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When building residential and commercial construction projects, make sure you use only the sturdiest materials available for your retaining walls. Outback Sleepers Australia offers you a variety of concrete sleepers Sydney designs for your walls and steps. We have catered to Australia’s landscaping needs since the year 2000 and has served regions in South Australia and Victoria, and soon we'll have concrete sleepers Sydney services. Starting the production from a humble backyard home workshop and a lot of manual work, our managing director has successfully developed the product into what it is now, a reliable and stylish landscaping material that is compliant to Australian construction standards. Still fully owning our manufacturing plant, we take pride in servicing both individual customers and to the trade. Get in touch with us today and get friendly, expert advice for your landscaping needs. Calls us on 08 8387 9227 or send us an email at


Concrete Sleepers Sydney


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Outback Sleepers Australia offers you a variety of concrete sleepers Sydney designs for your landscaping projects in Adelaide, Melbourne, and soon to be Sydney. Along with our sleepers, we provide reinforcing materials such as brackets and steel posts for your wall, steps, and under fence plinth assembly. As a result of our years of experience and research, we have recently made available our lightest and strongest sleepers yet. Rated at a strength of 40mPa, our new set of sleepers have become the most efficient ever. This lightweight series allows us to increase wall heights to up to 4 meters. Note that walls that exceed 1 meter height need engineering as mandated by Australian construction standards. Benefit from our products by using our online search tool at or you may also call us 08 8387 9227 to inquire about concrete sleepers Sydney product availability and order options or locating the nearest distributor in your area.


Easy to Assemble Concrete Sleepers Sydney

We want to make your landscaping experience hassle-free by providing durable and easy to assemble concrete sleepers Sydney. We deliver to the greater metropolitan Adelaide area, as well as regional South Australia. We have recently expanded to Melbourne and soon to Sydney as well to be able to serve a greater part of the Australian landscape industry. Our products are made to be compliant to Australian Standard for Concrete Structures (AS 3600). Our years of experience in construction, especially in the retaining walls market, gives us the edge in providing you with top quality materials that stand out in efficiency and aesthetics. Our design selection allows you to choose the best finish that would accent the theme of your home or building. We have also designed our concrete sleepers Sydney to be easy to put in place through the sleeper lifter, a simple machine that will make your task quick. If you are looking for both function, ease and durability, use only outback concrete sleepers Sydney.


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Visit or check out our Facebook page “Outback Sleepers Australia” and browse through our gallery of successful projects in South Australia. Start your landscaping project with concrete sleepers Sydney today!


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