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If you’re looking for the best Concrete Retaining Walls Adelaide, check out the upgraded and quality products of Outback Sleepers Australia. We have products such as the bestselling Blackwood Concrete Sleeper. All the sleeper products are 40MPA and are in accordance with the Revised Australian Standard AS3600-Concrete Structures (2009). You can email the wall height and length of the parameters and we could deliver the supply of sleepers and steel; send your orders to Likewise, we have engineering for our sleepers are available to the clients’ engineers, upon request, and are certified to be AS3600/2009 compliant. What started out as a small concrete sleepers production company under the management skills of Michael Ineson, a retaining wall contractor has now turned into a trusted and authentic Concrete Retaining Walls Adelaide.


Concrete Retaining Walls Adelaide


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Outback Sleepers provide a high standard of services in terms of providing our customers with the Concrete Retaining Walls Adelaide. We manufacture our products based on the required specifications provided by construction authorities. We can grant quick and easy steps in installing the ordered concrete sleepers when needed. Hence, whether the concrete sleepers are for residential or commercial landscapes, our talented installers will provide speedy and accurate service in completing the projects assigned. Likewise, your area could be designed in correlation with our perfect architectural arrangement of concrete sleepers with the help of our installers. We deliver our retaining wall sleepers via semi-trailers and unload with the use of an All-Terrain Forklift. Our deliveries extend to the greater metropolitan Adelaide area, as well as regional South Australia. For more information, our office numbers are 08 8387 9227 for further details.



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Complete the request form at our website and we’ll provide a quote for your ordered products. Please include the wall height and length of the parameters that you will be attaching the retaining wall and Concrete Retaining Walls Adelaide. Our products are of the highest quality, and are manufactured locally from the highest quality materials. We have also followed all the required standards of the Revised Australian Standard AS3600- Concrete Structures (2009). Orders can be placed via our website or over the phone, and we pride ourselves on giving immediate and prompt response to our clients upon placing their orders. We will follow up your quote request with a phone call, and we provide peace of mind as we email you an Order Confirmation, a Tax Invoice, and detailed Order Records where the clients have control of their orders and could add notes for the delivery personnel to follow.



Outstanding Concrete retaining walls Adelaide


We provide our services speedily and within the most immediate time frame through a semi-trailer and unload the heavy items with the use of an All-Terrain Forklift.

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