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Located in Adelaide

Outback Sleepers Australia was established in January of 2000 and is based in Adelaide with operations having recently expanded to Melbourne.

Michael Ineson, the Managing Director and founder of Outback Sleepers has first hand experience working with concrete sleepers and concrete wall panels due to his early working years being spent primarily as a retaining wall contractor. Working closely with precast concrete retaining walls and other precast concrete products during the 1990's gave Michael the inspiration to develop and manufacture the coloured and patterned concrete sleepers that are now the heart and soul of the company. The humble beginnings took place in a backyard home producing ten sleepers per week using a household concrete mixer, adding colours and vibrating the sleepers by hand. Patterned concrete merchandise from Outback Sleepers now come in a range of products including precast concrete steps to precast concrete wall panels (panels only available in Victoria). There is also a wide range of supporting building materials available for purchase such as under fence plinths and steel support posts.  Also available for purchase is the always useful and very safe "sleeper lifter".

Outback Sleepers' manufacturing plant employs over twenty people and is a well established and reliable company offering customer satisfaction along with fast distribution and delivery throughout South Australia and Victoria. For advice on landscaping costs or backyard landscaping ideas contact Outback Sleepers today for friendly and helpful advice.

Call Outback Sleepers Adelaide on 08 8387 9227 or email them today.

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